September 21, 2015

The American Dream — the idea that anyone, through hard work and determination, can achieve anything — is under assault like never before. Obamacare, an overreaching federal government, and out of control spending threaten the ability of small businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs and innovate. This has to stop and Ted Cruz has led the way to bring back jobs, growth, and opportunity to America.

  • Authored the Obamacare Repeal Act as his first piece legislation.
    • Led the fight to defund Obamacare — the largest regulatory challenge facing our nation which has resulted in killing jobs, cutting workers’ hours, and causing millions of Americans to lose their doctors or health care.
  • Authored legislation to end taxpayer dollars subsidizing corporate fat cats, including the Ex-Im Bank.
  • Opposed the Renewable Fuel Standard ethanol subsidy.
  • Co-sponsored the Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Act to expand school choice and make a quality K-12 education more accessible and affordable to low-income parents and students.
  • Authored legislation to expedite liquefied natural gas to support jobs, economic growth, and to stand united alongside our friends and allies in the face of Russian aggression.
  • Led the fight against regulating the Internet as a public utility because it threatens the Internet as a haven for entrepreneurial freedom and unlimited opportunity.
  • Set an early, high standard for meaningful Republican opposition to increasing the debt ceiling.
    • Demanded a 60-vote threshold vote on a clean debt-ceiling increase in February 2013, when Republican leadership wanted to allow the Democrats to raise the limit with a simple majority vote.
    • Insisted on a commitment from Democrats and Republicans in the Senate that the debt ceiling would not be increased as part of a deal to pass the budget .
  • Introduced the American Energy Renaissance Act to spur economic growth by harnessing our nation’s energy resources and removing federal impediments to energy exploration, development and trade and empowering the private sector to create good-paying, American jobs.
  • Sued the federal government to strike down portions of the Medicare Prescription Drug program as an unconstitutional intrusion in the sovereign authority of the States.
  • Opposed the Obama Administration’s Interior Department’s moratorium on offshore exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Urged the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Congress from impeding commercial development of private property in a state for the protection of a toad in that state.